Author Archive: Mr Frej

rej was born and raised in the northern parts of Sweden, in the city of Umeå. Nowadays he lives and works in Stockholm. He discovered the guitar at age eleven. At the time he was taking accordion lessons but when his school started a rock band project it didn't take long for him to determine which instrument he was going to stick to. "It was love at first sight. I instantly liked the look and the feel of the guitar and all the possibilities it brings. Besides, in those days it was considered to be very 'cool' to play the guitar, and it still is ha-ha"! Over the years Frej has been in a few different bands and constellations. For instance: he played in the alternative rock band Blinded, formed in 1999. They recorded three demos and performed live a dozen times before they decided to call it quits in 2003. He was also a part of a troubadour duo along with musician friend Daniel Hagman. They occasionally performed at weddings and student pubs and other such events. "Daniel is a very good friend of mine who is a very talented singer, songwriter and guitar player. Him introducing me to the troubadour business has played an important part in my development as a musician". After passing through various genres of inspiration - from heavy metal to funk to jazz - Frej finally settled on the hit singer/songwriter genre around 2004. Apart from practising on the guitar he also began focusing a bit more on his vocals. "I realized I had to improve my singing skills in order to come up with better melodies for my songs. So far I have just taken a couple of singing lessons but I'm excited to learn more. I've already developed a lot since I began focusing on my singing". This period became a starting signal for Frej to concentrate more on a songwriting future than that of being a performer. He felt an urge to do something with all those song ideas that had been piling up over the years. "I felt I had so much more unexplored creativity within me, that I couldn't express in the various bands I played in earlier. I realised there and then that it was more fun to just write songs - I simply enjoyed it more. On the other hand I do miss the rush of playing live in front of an excited crowd. But there are a lot of exciting things with just writing songs as well. To see a song develop from nothing, take shape, to get a meaningful theme and then to get the opportunity to be performed by someone else. Yes, that's also a great feeling! Every song gets a special character and a special meaning". The ambition since then has been to place his original material in different interesting contexts – in films, tv-series, commercials, and with recording artists. "I'm so glad that I found a home for my musician’s heart in songwriting. It means a lot to methodically create finished products instead of being left with just recorded snippets with no actual use. Putting my songs down on a demo is not only a way to save my material but it also brings opportunities. You never know what's gonna come out of that but I have to admit I do dream of getting that big deal and fat pay check some time in the future ha-ha. Even if I don't, I will always keep recording my own songs just for the fun of it. I hope you like what you hear"!